New Member Q&A: Fyllo

On November 29, 2022

Every now and then we like to highlight a new IAB Australia member that we think our community will find interesting. Today we meet Fyllo. 

Written by Daniel Cravero, VP ANZ, Fyllo. 

Please give us some historical background to the company:

Fyllo is a data company that started out by building marketing solutions for highly regulated industries in the US such as crypto, gambling and cannabis. In 2022, Fyllo rolled out expansion into international markets by acquiring Semasio, a unified targeting platform that bridges the gap between between contextual targeting and ID based audiences. The acquisition means Fyllo can now deliver privacy friendly, compliant and scalable marketing solutions to the ANZ market and across the broader APAC region.

Tell us a little bit about your company's mission and vision?

Fyllo's mission is to help marketers unlock the power of their data in a compliant, privacy friendly and scaleable manner.

Do you have a particular 'hero product' that you are most proud of?

Our unified targeting platform "Semasio" is a truly amazing piece of technology. By bringing together contextual targeting and ID-based audiences we can solve for upcoming regulatory changes that will restrict the amount and type of identifiers marketers can use to connect with relevant audiences.

What area of digital do you personally work in and how do you hope to enhance this within your business?

I work in ad-tech specialising in data activation and contextual intelligence. My goal is to leverage my experience in this area grow Fyllo's presence in the ANZ region and champion our core values of transparency, control and compliance.

Please tell us what, as a child, you wanted to be 'when you grew up'?

I always wanted to be a chef, which I was fortunate to do for a number of years before I eventually pivoted to marketing.