New Member Q&A: Twilio Segment

On December 15, 2021

Every now and then we like to highlight a new IAB Australia member that we think our community will find interesting. Today we meet Twilio Segment.

Written by Liz Adenji, Regional Vice President, Sales, APAC

Tell us the name of your company and some historical background to the company
Twilio Segment is the world’s leading Customer Data Platform (CDP). Our platform provides companies with the data foundation that they need to put their customers at the heart of every decision. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify, and route their customer data into any system where it’s needed to better understand their customers and create seamless, compelling experiences in real-time. Thousands of companies, including Pomelo, Rebubble, Koala Mattress, and CoreLogic Australia use Segment to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth and deliver world-class customer experiences.

Tell us a little bit about your company’s mission and vision?
Enable customer-focused growth with good data.

Is there a particular ‘hero product’ that Twilio Segment are most proud of?
At Twilio Segment understanding your customers is critical to a successful customer engagement strategy, but information about those customers is usually siloed. Twilio Engage – one of our most recent product launches is the first growth platform built on top of a CDP and combines Twilio Segment’s world-class customer data platform with Twilio’s robust communication APIs. It is an omnichannel growth platform that empowers businesses to use any combination of tools, data integrations, analytics, and channels they need to build and optimise marketing campaigns, faster than ever before.

We would love to hear more about you, can you tell us as a child what you wanted to be when you ‘grow up’?
As a child I didn’t have clear goals on what I wanted to be when “I grew up”. However after achieving a BSc Degree in business studies and computer science in the early 2000’s, I wanted to rebel and work in the fashion industry for a high-end glossy magazine company like Vogue. My dream was to tour the world, interview celebrities, attend fashion shows, drink copious amounts of Champagne and have my own magazine column! Instead, I found myself working for a very small independent IT magazine. I was hired as a marketing manager, running a small team of five school dropouts as part of a government scheme to get rogue teenagers off the streets of London. I loved it! I was given so much autonomy and learnt a lot. One of the projects I spearheaded was identifying and launching new revenue streams for the business. This led me to performance marketing and digital advertising and so the digital journey began … Once a nerd, always a nerd.

Lastly, tell us a little more about why you decided to join IAB Australia?
We are experiencing the advent of advertising automation fueled by Big Data and machine learning. Advertising decisions are now powered by self-learning algorithms that leverage petabytes of audience and customer data to make real-time, predictive, and autonomous decisions on what ads to serve to people based on their interest, life stage and more. The future of 1:1 personalisation relies on good data. Segment is the #1 Customer Data Platform. As such, we have the opportunity to support the digital advertising industry in Australia through the education and evangelism of customer focused growth powered by good data.