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Posted by Lucy Halliday On February 29, 2012

Sydney, Australia, 29 February 2012 – SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced the launch of First Call™ – a new service that allows online publishers to capitalise on premium inventory demand via an exchange. More than 20 publishers already use SpotXchange First Call, employing the service as a new sales channel delivered in a controlled and transparent environment, and which gives them choice and flexibility to determine the best way to increase sales of their video inventory.

With SpotXchange First Call, publishers set their minimum ask price in their online self-service tool at a level that justifies placing ad requests to the SpotXchange marketplace first before serving direct sold or ad network campaigns. SpotXchange then auctions the impression opportunity in real-time to hundreds of advertisers competing through its video ad exchange. Publishers can tap directly into SpotXchange’s large video real-time-bidding (RTB) ecosystem and the impression is sold to the highest bidder. If no bids meet the publisher’s minimum price, the impression opportunity is automatically passed to the publisher’s next buyer in the daisy chain to mitigate any loss of revenue.

“First Call provided us with access to a robust ecosystem of buyers who were willing to pay higher prices to reach their target audiences at the right time,” said Leta Sweasy, Ad Operations, RealNetworks, Inc. “In just the first few days, we saw a significant increase in our CPMs on the inventory sold via First Call. These initial findings will enable us to defend our rate card and support higher rates in our other sales channels.”

“Simply put, First Call is another spoke in the wheel for our publishers to increase sales while becoming much more efficient in the sale of that premium inventory,” said Michael Shehan, president and CEO of SpotXchange. “Since we rolled out First Call, we’ve been able to offer an even more transparent video ad buying and selling process, which ultimately delivers greater levels of trust with publishers. By giving them the necessary tools through our portfolio of solutions and greater visibility in how they are selling, publishers can apply the right technology to maximise the value of their video inventory while driving down their cost of sales and ad operations.”

For more information or to sign up for First Call, please visit the publisher solutions section of the SpotXchange website.


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