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Posted by Lucy Halliday On September 03, 2012

3 September 2012 – ninemsn has been in the internet business for 15 years and today is marking its anniversary year with a look back at its childhood, early adolescence and the web’s growth in Australia.

The first of its kind Joint Venture agreement was signed by Bill Gates and Kerry Packer in June 1997, and the first test homepage went live in September 1997. The idea was simple enough. Take Australia’s top rating TV network Nine, and PBL’s Australian Consolidated Press (ACP), the biggest publisher of magazines in the country. Put them together with the software expertise of Microsoft. Put the whole thing onto the Internet, to provide top-ranking popular content underpinned by top-ranking software and transaction capabilities, to make the content easy to use.

Featured Videos include:

• Full presentation (11 minutes, 100 megabytes)

• Mark Britt
On his time at ninemsn…

The future of digital media

Future Video

Australia’s home online

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