Ooyala: 25 Stories of Video Success

Posted by Christian Manie On October 03, 2016

From global media giants to Australian rugby clubs, our new white paper shows how only Ooyala is helping content providers win big with video.

In an era where nearly half of all video views are on mobile, demand for top-quality video is skyrocketing. That’s good news, but also a big challenge for companies that need to create more video faster, earn great returns and stay ahead of the curve (and the competition).

Ooyala’s 25 Stories of Video Success white paper shows how content providers large and small are winning with video all over the world. Whether using deep analytics to increase ad inventory by 30%, or boosting viewing time by 43% with smarter content recommendations, they’re making the most of the comprehensive suite of tools that only Ooyala can offer.

How can you win bigger with video? Download 25 Stories of Video Success and learn more.

Christian Manie