Posted by Christian Manie On April 03, 2017

Mobile video — in one form or another — will continue to grow as younger users who have been tethered to their mobile devices since birth continue to play a larger role in the ecosystem. It also will grow as more operators look to mobile video for subscriber growth and profits à la AT&T and its DirecTV Now play, and as industry leaders Netflix and Amazon continue to tweak their massive services, offering more and more “content to go” via downloads for offline viewing

Video in APAC

Viewers consuming the AVOD content in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region showed an ever higher predilection toward mobile devices, especially smartphones. That’s not too surprising since, in many of the region’s countries, mobile networks perform better and are deployed more widely than fixed networks, a nod to both economics and difficult terrain. That broad, regional mobile device deployment is evident in the share of content plays on smartphones in Q4 — more than 49%. Tablets added nearly 9% more, giving mobile 58% of all video plays in the region.

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Christian Manie