PubMatic: Diversity & Inclusion Report 2018

Posted by Steven Poyser On August 29, 2018

Getting to the forefront of digital advertising innovation requires a purposeful effort to hire, develop and retain a team of unique individuals and, in turn, provide them with an environment that cultivates and supports their diverse perspectives. Staying at the forefront of digital advertising innovation will require even greater effort as new generations of employees redefine engagement, crave a deeper connection to their work and seek to maximize their potential as human beings.

PubMatic has worked hard to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture, and are building people strategies and executing plans that support what they believe to be critical truths for their continued success. The 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Report highlights the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and outlines PubMatic’s demographics related to inclusion, hiring, promotion, leadership, engineering and compensation.

Download it here

Steven Poyser