Q&A on Identity Resolution with Rob Armstrong: SVP of Product at Eyeota

On September 27, 2021

How is Eyeota approaching the cookieless and identity landscape?

As a provider of global data solutions, Eyeota has always operated under the premise of data interoperability that enables customers to activate data in their platform of choice. Amidst industry-wide changes to third-party identifiers, Eyeota is committed to maintaining an agnostic approach towards identity resolution. To that end, Eyeota has recently launched a new agnostic identity solution called Eyeota Translate.

What is Eyeota Translate?

Eyeota Translate is Eyeota’s proprietary device graph, an agnostic identity solution for creating global data interoperability and increased digital reach and activation. Eyeota Translate connects all areas of data input that collect audience identifiers, such as mobile IDs, hashed email, contextual data, first-party data, and more, and probabilistically and deterministically matches IDs using Eyeota’s proprietary cross-device graph.  The result provides consistent and holistic user identity resolution and addressable audiences to engage consumers across diverse digital devices and people-based environments.

What are the benefits of Eyeota Translate?

With Eyeota Translate, users are able to identify and activate the right audiences, through privacy-compliant and consumer-friendly targeting solutions, without being reliant on the use of third-party identifiers or cookies. Eyeota Translate is the only global interoperable ID agnostic solution in-market today.

Why has Eyeota launched Eyeota Translate now?

Third-party data has long powered the programmatic advertising industry. With data privacy laws and initiatives continuing to gain momentum, a seismic change is coming for many agencies and marketers. Estimates suggest that over $10 billion in advertising revenue will be lost due to a lack of third-party identifiers – with small to midsize companies expected to take the hardest hit. Launching Eyeota Translate now allows Eyeota to ensure our customers have continued access to audience identifiers, regardless of the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies.

How can brands, publishers and advertisers start using Eyeota Translate?

Eyeota Translate is the proprietary cross-device technology behind Eyeota audience data solutions today. As such, brands and advertisers leveraging Eyeota Audiences and our branded partner solutions for programmatic targeting, data onboarding and data enrichment today are already leveraging the Eyeota Translate solution.