Q&A on pDOOH third party reporting with OIS

On February 24, 2022

IAB member organisation OIS has just announced the launch of their programmatic DOOH verification solution, through an industry leading partnership with top demand-side platform (DSP) Vistar Media. We posed a few questions to OIS CEO and Founder, Justin Singh, about the initiative.

OIS has provided OOH verification for many years; how long have you been developing your programmatic offering and why do you feel now is the right time to launch it?

It’s been on our roadmap for a while, however, recently there have been many improvements in technology in this space that is allowing us to develop system to system integrations and provide third-party reporting for our clients.

As an innovator, it’s essential we drive the agenda, not follow it, and this development demonstrates how OIS is shaping the OOH AdTech market by providing third-party verification (TPV) data that makes it easier for clients to independently track, optimise and improve ROI.

We also believe that it’s essential that now leading DSPs such as Vistar are choosing to drive greater trust in their delivery via TPV reporting, OIS has the technical capabilities to address any challenges and partner with them.

Can you explain any differences that digital buyers need to be aware of compared to other digital verification services?

We have purposely developed processes and practices that closely align with those employed in other digital media, which evolved over the last couple of decades. Even how we ad serve via the OIS platform is aligned to other digital practices!

However, it’s extremely important for digital buyers to understand that whilst programmatic DOOH is aligning with other digital media, there are nuances which ultimately make it the effective medium that it is. OIS pioneered TPV for OOH, and we have a purpose-built product that enhances these nuances.

For example, OOH is a place based medium, it has different dynamics to digital online, it’s unique as it’s out there in the “real world”, one to many, providing advertising that can’t be avoided! To benefit from this, OIS has developed proprietary data such as ‘contextual display tracking’ to help advertisers ensure ads are consumed by audiences as they should be … in the real world!

How do you think this will change the pDOOH market for both buyers and sellers?

Investment in pDOOH is set to experience significant growth over coming years. Third-party measurement is integral to building a more trusted marketplace and providing parity against other digital media.

Creating a more trusted marketplace ultimately means advertisers are more confident of delivery, via independent TPV reporting that doesn’t rely on publisher log reporting, therefore aligns to how other digital media TPV works.

Like the development of digital programmatic, pDOOH will also evolve over the coming years, hence the need for OIS to be true innovators, working with publishers and being a trusted advisor for our partner clients and advertisers that are on the pDOOH journey! Exciting times!


OIS is an AdTech platform that centralises real-time third-party measurement & verification reporting across all forms of OOH media, improving analytics & optimisation to drive better ROI outcomes.