RadiumOne brings “social TV syncing” to Australia

Posted by Christian Manie On April 29, 2015

“MOMENT by R1” launching May 1

Monday 13 April, 2015: RadiumOne has partnered with European broadcast data activation company, MediaSynced, to launch Social TV syncing in Australia.

Launching in May 2015 ‘MOMENT by RadiumOne’ triggers digital campaigns based on big TV moments – such as high rating and must-watch shows, events, TVCs and trending news stories – across all free to air TV providers.

Kerry McCabe, RadiumOne Managing Director – Asia Pacific, explained that this new offering means brands can now connect the ‘big TV moments’ with consumer real-time interest across all social networks and dark social (email & IM).

“Syncing TVCs with programmatic online buying is not new, there are numerous operators offering close to real-time activation and there are some proven benefits.”

“What’s new and game-changing is that brands can now take any big TV moment – be it a TVC or an in-program event – to the most engaged consumers everywhere across the Web and mobile, based on both their interest in the content and also their demonstrated intent around the brand’s offering,” said Kerry.

“Ads running at the same time as TVCs is nice, but it doesn’t even come close to touching on the opportunity that comes with connecting TV moments based on social interest and intent data. With over 70% of TV viewers engaging with a 2nd screen at the same time, a huge opportunity exists to connect those dots with both precision and scale.”

“That we can pick up and activate on a signal in 200 milliseconds is great, but what’s more important is why and with whom we are engaging with in that moment,” he said.

Technology wise, ‘MOMENT by RadiumOne’ fuses two data gathering and activation platforms to create a world-first social syncing solution.

Mediasynced created the world’s first listening and triggering software along with a proprietary TVR (TV ratings) and GRP (Gross Rating Points) estimator.

RadiumOne’s social tools and programmatic media buying platform provides a real-time data and delivery solution on consumer interest and intent based on the social sharing behaviours of over 22 million Australian unique users across all social media and dark social channels.

“The combination of our technology and RadiumOne’s real-time intent data opens up a new and exciting world for marketers to bring together the unique attributes of television, programmatic digital and social media,” said Mediasynced MD Mark van der Cromert.

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‘MOMENT by RadiumOne’ collects and interprets data on consumer preference and intent by analysing what people are sharing online during ‘the big TV moments’ – providing advertisers with the ability to act on this knowledge, in real-time.

Christian Manie