Sizmek: An Insider’s Look at Creative Quality, Personalization, and DCO

Posted by Steven Poyser On November 29, 2018

While digital marketing is thriving thanks to advancements in data, AI, and privacy, marketers still value creative, and they want better ways to incorporate creativity into their campaigns. In fact, 81% of marketers surveyed state that improving digital campaigns to show off their creatives is a top priority in the coming year.

In this research, Sizmek looks at advertiser views on creative in the digital advertising age. Some of the findings you’ll discover include:

  • 67% of marketers agree that “Digital growth in advertising has come at the expense of the quality of creative”
  • 91% of marketers are prioritizing the need to “Make digital ads more engaging to meet our brand goals”
  • 79% of marketers are prioritizing the need to “Increase our use of DCO”

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Steven Poyser