Sizmek: Luxury Advertising Trends in APAC

Posted by Steven Poyser On August 07, 2018

A new research report from Sizmek reveals valuable insights into the changing market for luxury goods in Asia and why an omnichannel, data-fueled digital strategy is vital to connecting with a new generation of luxury consumers.

Find out:

  • Why luxury brands are shifting spend to ecommerce and why the future of luxury retail in Asia is omnichannel
  • Who the biggest luxury consumers are (hint: they’re digital natives)
  • The power of social media, and how 60% of luxury sales today are digitally influenced in some way
  • Why data, brand safety, and transparency are absolutely vital for luxury marketers
  • The keys to creating personalized marketing tailored to luxury consumers
  • Three big predictions for the Asian luxury market in the months ahead

Download the report here

Steven Poyser