SpotXchange First to Serve Behaviorally Targeted Video Ads with Consumer Privacy “Ad Choices” Icon. SpotXchange

Posted by Lucy Halliday On September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011 – SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced that it is the first company to actively incorporate directly-served behaviorally targeted in-stream video ad campaigns in its network with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Advertising Option Icon, a notice to consumers to provide more transparency and control over the collection and use of their data regarding their Internet viewing for online behavioral advertising (OBA).

Otherwise known as the Ad Choices icon, the symbol from the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising provides enhanced notice to online viewers. SpotXchange is the first to roll this out in Australia. The Ad Choices icon appears within the SpotXchange ad player at the top of every ad unit. When a consumer sees a video ad online, they can click on the “blue arrow with an i” icon to learn more about behavioral advertising, read about data collection and use practices, and easily opt-out of behaviorally targeted advertising, if desired. In addition to hosting its own opt-out functionality, SpotXchange also participates in the DAA’s consumer choice opt-out page.

Vicki Lyon, Managing Director, SpotXchange APAC commented on the importance of offering behavioral information and the opt-out function, “enabling complete transparency on behavioral marketing will help cement confidence amongst agencies and consumers in this rapidly growing space.”

“We are one of the leading advocates for consumers when it comes to online video advertising and consumer privacy,” said Mike Griffiths, Vice President of Data Analytics at SpotXchange and co-founder of Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), one of the leading industry associations participating in the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program. “SpotXchange is very involved in all video advertising self-regulatory efforts. The more transparent we are as an industry leader in video advertising, the more impact we have on public opinion about privacy issues and how behaviorally-based advertising supports a robust Internet that brings better content and more value to consumers.”

SpotXchange was also among the first ad networks to complete the rigorous self-certification and training program for the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG), which means that advertisers can execute video ad campaigns through SpotXchange with confidence that they adhere to the highest criteria for buyer control and transparency.


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SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, reaching more than 110 million unique visitors each month in more than 20 countries. SpotXchange offers brand advertisers a scalable, efficient and measurable way to reach their desired audience with high-quality online video ads on premium websites around the world. Focused on performance, SpotXchange is a one-stop shop for advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and trading desks, offering a simple, automated way to increase the effectiveness of video ad campaigns. Using SpotXchange’s auction-based platform, publishers can maximize the value of their inventory by connecting with advertisers in a real-time bidding environment without sacrificing control. Each month, more than 300 major brand advertisers take advantage of SpotXchange’s real-time video ad platform, which offers automated optimization, advanced targeting tools, real-time bidding and flexible pricing models (cost per: view, engagement, click, thousand and acquisition) in an IAB-certified, brand-safe marketplace. SpotXchange is a Top 5 online video ad network in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada according to comScore’s VideoMetrix service.

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