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Posted by Lucy Halliday On March 19, 2013

SYDNEY, Australia – March 19, 2013 – SpotXchange, the largest global marketplace of digital video advertising inventory, today announced a new suite of tools to bring programmatic selling of digital video to the forefront, and further enable publishers to make real-time, automated pricing decisions on an impression-by-impression basis. For the first time in video, publishers will have insight on who the buyers are, what segments of their inventory are most in demand, their associated bid density and CPMs of advertisers’ bids, and the tools to make selling decisions based on those insights.

Programmatic buying has become a household name in the advertising industry with hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on data scientists and sophisticated algorithms, all aimed at predicting the market value of any given impression opportunity in real-time. According to Forrester, programmatic buying will account for more than 22 percent of digital video spending in 2013. But programmatic selling has received considerably less attention and publishers have been unable to reap the full benefit of automating the sales process. SpotXchange is changing that by giving publishers comparable transparency and control that buyers have long enjoyed so they can optimise their inventory’s pricing and ultimately maximise their revenues.

“The SpotXchange marketplace has always supported both real-time buying and selling, but the rise of demand side platforms (DSPs) has armed the buy side with greater market intelligence and tools,” said Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange. “It’s not a fair market if buyers are better-informed than sellers, which is why we’ve rolled out new tools to give publishers increased transparency into marketplace activity, putting them on an equal playing field with DSPs and agency trading desks (ATDS) by allowing them to make informed real-time selling decisions.”

SpotXchange’s programmatic selling tools for publishers provide new transparency and control features, including:

• Bid Activity Report: Publishers can now identify the segments of inventory that are in highest demand based on advertisers’ bid activity regardless of whether bids are above or below the publishers’ floor price.
• Price Floor Optimisation: Based on signals and insights from the bid activity report, the new tools will provide visual cues that indicate level of demand for their video inventory in relation to their price floor. This information will help publishers make more informed decisions to raise or lower their price floors, and in turn, make the most money for their inventory.

• Pricing Rules: Publishers now have a simple way to establish “if-then” business rules that can automatically charge a premium for their top-quality placements, or a discount for the inventory with less demand, without the need for physically segmenting their video inventory and creating multiple tags. The SpotXchange platform will dynamically change ask prices based on certain characteristics of the ad opportunity including player size, region, URL and advertiser among other things.

In addition to the new tools being released to publishers, SpotXchange completely rewrote the platform’s auction code, bringing down primary auction times to 30 – 40 milliseconds. This will deliver an added benefit to publishers who wish to serve the most valuable ad to their audience without requiring them to wait several seconds for an ad to render, which is more common with traditional daisy chain ad server implementations.

SpotXchange will conduct two training webinars on March 20th to introduce their publisher partners to the new tools and teach them how to best leverage the suite of tools for optimal results. To sign-up for the publisher webinar, please visit: The new suite of tools will be generally available to all digital video publishers on April 3rd.

For more information on SpotXchange’s new programmatic selling tools, please visit:

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