SpotXchange to provide auto-versus user-initiated video advertising information to real-time bidding. SpotXchange

Posted by Lucy Halliday On February 23, 2012

Sydney, Australia February 23, 2012 – SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced that it is the first real-time-bidding (RTB) supply source to offer its partners initiation type (auto-initiated versus user-initiated) information for video ad inventory in real time with every bid request. This information will help SpotXchange’s RTB partners valuate inventory more effectively and make more efficient buying decisions.

There is a significant difference between auto- and user-initiated video ads, which results in two different user experiences. An auto-initiated ad plays automatically when a user visits a web page, but the video ad does not block the user from viewing intended content. User-initiated ads must be viewed by consumers before reaching their desired content, such as a video or game. Because higher levels of consumer engagement are associated with user-initiated video ads, advertisers are willing to pay a premium for them.

Historically, however, user- and auto-initiated placements have been bundled together in brokered deals by ad networks and sold at a flat CPM. With SpotXchange providing partners with initiation type information in real time with each bid request, SpotXchange’s RTB and direct buy partners can value each placement opportunity independently. This transparency coupled with robust audience data, leads to higher ROI for advertisers and increased yield for publishers, by providing high-quality inventory to the exchange.

“SpotXchange continues to lead the charge towards transparency in the video exchange space,” said Adrian Tompsett, Vice President of Business Development at DataXu. “By providing the initiation type along with site data, SpotXchange enables advertisers to make more efficient buying decisions for each individual campaign.”

“There is a strong need for this industry to provide our partners and clients with better information to do their jobs more effectively,” said Vicki Lyon, Managing Director, Asia Pacific of SpotXchange. “By providing the initiation type to our RTB partners, it helps them to better price their bids and make smarter buys on behalf of their clients. Being the first company to provide this information is yet another example of SpotXchange working hard every day to be one of the most transparent brokers in the online advertising industry.”

Several of SpotXchange’s RTB partners who will benefit from this information include: Turn, TubeMogul, DataXu, LiveRail, MaxPoint Interactive, Brainient and SundaySky.


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