The World’s Most Valuable Audience for Digital Marketers Revealed in New Report from Turn. Turn

Posted by Lucy Halliday On April 15, 2013

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 15, 2013 – Major advertisers spend an average 85% more on display, mobile, social and video advertising to reach the most elite customers – the top 2% of the global online audience – according to the new Digital Audience Report from Turn (, the cloud marketing platform. This “Most Valuable Audience” is so in-demand that they are shown 24 times as many ads as the average digital consumer. And this premium audience is more likely to engage with brands through channels such as Facebook and online video ads.

The report (accessed at highlights many invaluable insights for marketers seeking to reach relevant audiences through cost-effective digital advertising strategies. It is based on an analysis of data from the Turn platform, which every day makes more than 50 billion advertising decisions, analyzes over 1.5 trillion anonymous customer attributes, and provides instant access to billions of digital ad impressions – resulting in an unmatched ability to provide game-changing insights.

According to the Digital Audience Report, the characteristics the Most Valuable Audience generally has in common include:

• Income above $76,900 a year
• They are aged 21-34
• They are white-collar professionals or students
• Live in a city and like foreign travel
• Like bargains but also shopping at Banana Republic and Sephora
• Diverse media tastes. They enjoy NPR, but also America’s Next Top Model and Family Guy.

“It may not be shocking that a premium group of consumers spends more and is therefore very appealing to marketers,” says Paul Alfieri, vice president of marketing, Turn. “What is incredible is the window we have into the world of these digital elites and what makes them so valuable. They can be reached very cost-effectively by smart marketers who seize the power of the Turn platform and the massive scale and deep data insights we deliver.”

The report highlights other important data for marketers in the U.S., E.U. and Asia-Pacific, such as eCPM trends across channels and regions – critical insights that show the possibilities for reaching audiences efficiently at scale.

Among the other findings from the Turn Digital Audience Report, January – March 2013:

• Eighty-five percent of digital elites reside in the U.S. Another 10% live in the E.U., a region that’s growing rapidly. Expect to see Asia-Pacific and South American markets continue to gain, as global brands look to RTB and data-driven marketing in new regions.

• Mobile ad impressions remain inexpensive due to concerns over a reliable ecosystem and standards for anonymous data targeting. Average global eCPM for mobile fell from $1.31 to $.72, a 45% drop.

• Social advertising remains cost-effective and is becoming immensely popular. The Turn Platform alone has seen volume grow to billions of impressions per month. Average global eCPM for social advertising went down 20%, from $.30 to $.24 between January and March.

• Display and video advertising continue to exercise their dominance, with a premium being paid by advertisers looking to reliably reach consumers through familiar, big-canvas formats. Display eCPM went from $.92 to $1.06 – a 15.2% rise. Global video eCPM rose from $9.41 in January, to $9.99 in March – a 6.16% increase.

Turn provides two real-time marketing applications: Audience Suite, an enterprise data management platform, and Campaign Suite, a digital media buying platform for video, mobile, social, and display advertising. Turn works with the world’s top brands, agencies and trading desks including Aegis, AT&T, Chrysler, Experian, IPG/Mediabrands, OMG, Sojern and Vivaki.


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