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Posted by Naima Lynch On May 13, 2014

Australian Programmatic Mobile Video Ad Market Booms

TubeMogul also reports strong rise in premium programmatic video
TubeMogul, an enterprise software company for digital branding, said Australia’s programmatic mobile video ad market more than tripled in size in the first quarter, underpinned by a big jump in content consumption on smartphones and tablets.

The TubeMogul Australia Quarterly Research Report said programmatic mobile video advertising inventory rose 230% in the first quarter to 29.4 million available mobile video ad units, from 8.9 million in the last quarter of 2013. The company said brands are moving quickly to reach people on portable devices.

“Smartphones and tablets are becoming the devices of choice for content-hungry consumers in Australia and advertisers want to reach those audiences,” TubeMogul Asia-Pacific Managing Director Stephen Hunt. “We expect the programmatic mobile and tablet video ad market to skyrocket this year, and outstrip growth in the desktop video advertising market.”

Hunt said advertisers were becoming more familiar with mobile and tablet video advertising formats and increasing their budget allocations to this area. He also said advertising agency desks were upping their focus on executing programmatic mobile and tablet video ad campaigns.

“The rapid adoption of the tablets and smartphones among Australian consumers is driving this shift. The smartphone is now the primary device for content, especially for video. and brands want to engage with those eyeballs,” Hunt said. “The programmatic mobile video market will grow fast and hit significant scale this year.”

TubeMogul also said its analysis of millions of pre-roll video ad views showed the premium part of the desktop video market was accelerating. Premium inventory availability, or the number of video ad impressions available, rose 25% quarter-over-quarter, while comScore top 100 video inventory ads jumped 28%.

“This data shows that brands are eager to place their brand messages and video creative in top-tier publisher environments to reach affluent consumers, and drive lift in brand metrics such as purchase intent for their products, It also highlights the willingness of top-tier publishers to make their audiences available for programmatic trading,” Hunt said.

The other growth spot was programmatic direct – a method where brands buy private video ad inventory direct from the publisher – and then optimise the video ad campaign using programmatic software. The volume of direct inventory being traded programmatically more than doubled in the quarter to 68 million, from 33 million in the final quarter of last year.

“The Australian market has taken to programmatic direct as marketers increasingly understand the power of automating their campaigns, while benefiting from the superior performance that inventory from the premium publishers can deliver,” Hunt said.

TubeMogul’s programmatic video platform enables brands and agencies to buy video ad inventory in real-time across all devices, and provides ad serving, targeting, optimisation and brand measurement.

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