Understanding The True Impact Of Video Advertising

Posted by IAB Australia On July 16, 2016

Video advertising across all screens (television & digital) now represents a third of all advertising dollars spent in Australia.

Digital video advertising was worth half a billion dollars in CY2015 and growth is still rapid with Q1 2016 expenditure up 85% year-on-year. 2Along with increased investment comes increased scrutiny.

Videology partnered with behavioural research experts, Gateway Research, to gain an understanding of how people are really paying attention and feeling about video advertising. By using a mix of eye-tracking technology, facial expression coding and GSR tracking, this ground breaking study will help marketers develop more effective cross-screen video campaigns. A quantitative research piece providing clear guidance on improving video ad creative and planning across all screen.

This study has been designed to provide the market with insights that go beyond the standard metrics currently available. 

Download the Report Below.

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