Yahoo!7 Announces Australian First with Two New Ad Formats. Yahoo!7

Posted by Lucy Halliday On October 24, 2011

Sydney, Australia, October 24, 2011 – Yahoo!7 today announced two new ad formats within Yahoo!7 Messenger and Yahoo!7 Mail which are new to the Australian market.

The innovative ad formats, Messenger Insider Takeover and Mailbox Takeover, build on Yahoo!7’s range of interactive ads already available to Australian advertisers.

Yahoo!7 Messenger Insider Takeover
Messenger Insider Takeover is an advertising opportunity for placement in the Yahoo!7 Messenger Insider window. An uninitiated Over The Page (OTP) will appear for a maximum of five seconds, which will act as a teaser to entice the user to initiate a larger ad panel. The full OTP can contain video, games and other interactive elements, giving advertisers a canvas to deliver high impact experiences.

Yahoo!7 Mailbox Takeover
Mailbox Takeover provides advertisers with a full page advertising canvas that runs on the ’email sent’ pages within Yahoo!7 Mail. When an email is sent, the Yahoo!7 ’email sent’ message is displayed to the user within a small confirmation box. The rest of the page is available for advertising which can include Flash and video.

Damon Scarr, Commercial Director at Yahoo!7 said, “Messenger Insider Takeover and Mailbox Takeover formats are the latest of Yahoo!7’s innovative offerings, designed to empower advertisers to tap into consumer interactivity from our engaged Yahoo!7 Messenger and Yahoo!7 Mail audiences in Australia. This is the first time these ad formats have been available in the Australian market and allows an even more creative digital canvas for advertisers to connect with the Yahoo!7 audience.”

For more information about Yahoo!7 advertising, advertisers can please contact their Yahoo!7 sales representative or visit


For further information please call or email:
Amanda Millar
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Text 100 Public Relations
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