Yahoo!7 Extends Ad Offering with New Range of Mobile Rich Media Executions. Yahoo!7

Posted by Lucy Halliday On March 04, 2012

Sydney, Australia, April 3, 2012 – Yahoo!7 today launched a range of new mobile rich media executions, adding to its selection of mobile ad formats already available to Australian advertisers. The new executions, Flipper, Carousel, Peak-a-Boo and Billboard, are the latest offerings designed to help advertisers tap into Yahoo!7’s rapidly expanding mobile audience of four million Australians each month.

Yahoo!7’s Commercial Director, Damon Scarr, said: “We’re constantly working on ways to make it easy and efficient for our advertisers to add mobile to their digital marketing plans, and our latest mobile ad formats are a testament to that. The new formats encourage consumer interactivity which will enable higher click-through rates for our advertisers, as well as increased engagement levels.”

Mobile Flipper
Flipper is a 3D transition experience that delivers multiple messages and draws attention to a standard banner in an unobtrusive way. The standard banner ‘flips’ to deliver up to four different ad messages and each frame can redirect the consumer to a different URL. The ad is then anchored at the bottom of the page to maintain viewer awareness.

Mobile Carousel
Carousel is the perfect format for delivering catalogue executions, with the ability to promote multiple messages and include photo galleries and video. The carousel is a ‘click to initiate’ gallery, giving the audience the ability to browse up to five panels. Each panel can deliver a different USP message and drive users to the most relevant landing page.

Mobile Peek-a-Boo
Peek-a-Boo is an eye catching format that teases the consumer and encourages playful interaction, ideal for entertainment clients which have characters that can be used within the execution. The banner ad bobs up and down to catch the viewer’s attention and is then anchored to the bottom of the page to maintain awareness. Advertisers also have the option to incorporate video and audio.

Mobile Billboard
Billboard is an Over the Page (OTP) ad format that drives awareness with maximum impact. The OTP layer appears on the first load, uninitiated for a maximum of five seconds, after which the content transitions into the full page OTP with a blind effect. A standard in-page banner will display once the OTP layer is complete. Advertisers also have the option to add a replay button to the leave behind banner, to link the banner to a video, or to incorporate an expanded panel that features further product information.

The new mobile rich ad formats are available now. For further information, advertisers can visit


For further information please call or email:
Amanda Millar
Head of Trade Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Yahoo!7
tel: 02 8288 4758
mob: 0407454229

Julian Dibley-Hall
Text 100 Public Relations for Yahoo!7
tel: 02 9956 5733
mob: 0410 496 700

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