IAB launches resources and support for new and niche Australian publishers

On October 12, 2020 Media Releases

 Tuesday 13th October 2020 – Sydney, Australia: IAB has announced several new measures specifically developed to support small and medium Australian publishers including a New & Niche Publishers Guide to Digital Advertising that includes resources, advice and information for anyone looking to monetise their content through digital advertising.  A new membership rate has also been announced, that will give these media owners access to IAB research, resources, briefings, and mentorship program.

The measures have been developed for the 3000+ so called long tail publishers Australia-wide who have audience sizes of less than 500,000 people visiting per month.   While their audience sizes may be smaller, these small and medium digital publishers play a vital role in providing specific content and community connection to consumers that may not be otherwise provided by larger media brands. They also present a huge opportunity to advertisers.  

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia commented: “One of our key objectives is to help support a sustainable and diverse digital media and advertising market.  We are delighted to share these new resources specifically developed for smaller publishers who are evolving digital ad offerings and exploring different revenue models.

“The passion and commitment of these smaller publishers to finding sustainable ways of serving and informing our communities will bring a rich and important chorus of voices across their channels. Although there has always been a rich fabric of small and mid-sized publishers, we are excited to see a range of new titles servicing regional areas as well as other site, apps and podcasts servicing particular niche audiences.” said Le Roy.

Australians consume digital content from many publishers and platforms.  Nielsen’s Digital Media Panel measures the audiences of about 3,800 global and local media owners with Australian audience sizes varying from the very large (nearly 20 million people a month) to the small (about 10,000 people a month). Nearly nine in 10 of these media properties have an audience size of less than 500,000 people visiting per month and three-quarters have an audience size of less than 250,000 people per month. 

The Guide can be downloaded here


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