New & Niche Publishers Guide to Digital Advertising

On October 07, 2020 Research & Resources

Media content, including digital media content, plays an important role in fostering and promoting diversity in our society. Digital media provides a wide range of perspectives and voices across many platforms, communities and content sites and apps.  It is important that content from a range of media owners from the very large to the very small flourishes to ensure continued provision of diverse perspectives. The large range of digital content types, categories and media providers allows people to learn, broadens minds and perspectives and has a number of effects from greater connections between different groups to breeding creativity and innovation. 

Small and medium publishers produce digital content that includes local and regional news, magazines, trade journals, and niche interest content. These publishers generally have high knowledge and expertise in a particular area or topic that allows them to produce unique and differentiated content that appeals to narrowly defined audiences.

This guide aims to assist new and niche digital publishers capitalise on the advantages of their media environments. It provides an overview of revenue models and ways to monetise content, with a focus on the role of digital advertising. Contributors across the IAB membership have provided information and advice on the advertising landscape, digital ad products, user experience, measurement, data governance, sales and more. 

The guide can be downloaded below and there is also an hour long webinar recording from August 2020 specifically for small and mid sized publishers here