The Women in Programmatic Network Launch

On March 07, 2022 Article

Fantastic to hear about the launch of the Women in Programmatic Network here in Australia. Can you tell us a bit more about the group's history, purpose and plans for 2022?

The Women in Programmatic Network (TWIPN) first launched in London in 2018. It started out as a small group of women who met once a month to discuss the latest topics in programmatic advertising, and has since grown to a 500+ strong network of passionate women across several countries.

The core purpose of the group, whether it be the UK or our new ANZ Chapter, remains the same: provide women in programmatic the opportunity to network, share their experiences, learn more about programmatic and simply support one another. We’ve had incredible reception and enrolment since we officially launched TWIPN ANZ in late February with over 50 sign-ups on our launch day alone.

Our initial focus will be kicking off monthly meetings to unpack important industry topics, with our first meeting falling on Tuesday, March 8th (International Women’s Day – how apt!). Later this year, we will roll out development workshops centred around topics and skill development that can positively impact women’s careers.

What do you feel are the core benefits of participation in this initiative?

Networking, supporting one another and unique learning opportunities. We can’t underestimate the impact of being surrounded by supportive and inspirational people who have faced similar challenges in their careers, or the power of a strong network. Our monthly meetings are ideal forums to learn about important topics at a deeper level.

Our first meeting will cover the timely topic of Identity in the digital ecosystem, as voted on by our members, and feature industry expert guest speakers. A great and recent example of a networking opportunity is The Women in Programmatic Network community coordinating meet-ups with one another at the Programmatic Summit events, and offering kind words of support to those speaking on the day via our WhatsApp group.

Will your events and development offering be free of charge?

Yes, membership and all TWIPN events will be free of charge! TWIPN is a not-for-profit group and we’re fortunate to have local sponsors, currently The Trade Desk and IAB Australia, supporting our events and education & development endeavours.

How can our interested members get involved?

You can sign up on TWIPN’s website here!

You’re also welcome to reach out to any of our ANZ Chapter’s co-founders (Jessica Barrett, Rhiannon Homer, Patricia Penachio Tanabe, or myself) via LinkedIn or email - we’d be very happy to have a chat and share more about the group!

Do you have some examples of success from your other chapters overseas?

Excitingly, there are many examples! We're so fortunate to borrow inspiration and lessons from our UK counterparts. The growth to 500+ members is an achievement in itself – TWIPN UK now has more than 200 people attending their quarterly in-person events.

TWIPN UK has launched a monthly newsletter, is a go-to source for speakers for industry events, is collaborating with industry bodies on research pieces that uncover challenges women face in the workforce, and is developing impactful programs, such as a mentorship program, to nurture the career growth of young women.

Why is now the right time to launch this initiative in ANZ?

After a tough couple of years, there's never been a better time to build a supportive community and reinvigorate the ANZ programmatic industry through creating and leading important discussion.

The Women in Programmatic Network will act as a safe and inclusive space for members to connect and support one another.