Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer

On May 02, 2023 Research & Resources

The  IAB Australia Data Council has been looking to deliver meaningful guidance, comprehensive definitions – and best practices in the realm of compliant data collaboration for the purposes of digital advertising. In recent times, the most prominent product within this category has been Data Clean Rooms.

The council deemed it more essential to offer insights into the broader spectrum of products that facilitate data collaboration – whilst also presenting localised updates on each of these (including Clean Rooms).

Some examples of the content within the document are:

  • What is Data Collaboration?
  • Benefits of Data Collaboration
  • Different types of Data Collaboration Platforms
  • Use cases and working examples
  • Recommendations, Considerations and Best Practices
  • IAB Tech Lab’s Data Clean Room Interoperability Standards
  • The Future Evolution of Data Collaboration

Please download the explainer via the link below…