Nielsen: Australian Connected Consumers Infographic

Posted by IAB Australia On November 21, 2013 Research & Resources

Melanie Ingrey, Research Director, Cross-Platform Custom Insights, Nielsen, SEANAP

The media and marketing landscape in Australia has evolved at a rapid pace in a very short period. In fact, when we look at how consumers obtained information and engaged with brands 10 years ago, it’s as if we’re looking at an entirely different industry playing field today.

In 2003, for example, almost three-quarters (73%) of Australians aged 16+ spent an average 6.7 hours per week online. While the percentage of the population that is online has increased to four-in-five (82%), the amount of time people now spend online has skyrocketed. Today, Australian consumers are engaging with digital media for a whopping 23.3 hours per week. That’s more than three working days per week!

To support the increase in online content consumption, marketers have slowly been shifted their marketing dollars toward this medium. Today, online advertising sees 27% of the total ad spend pie—up eight-fold (from 3%) from 2003.

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Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers Infographic

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