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On May 27, 2021 one stop shop, Research & Resources

The resources below provide media and marketing professionals in Australia with education, information and advice on best methods to assess the impact of advertising across different activities and highlight the role of digital media in the media mix and how to optimise its effectiveness.

The Digital Brand Effect Report – the IAB partnered with Kantar to deliver independent insight into the contribution digital advertising makes to brand building and long-term impact. Kantar have analysed their extensive database of real campaign effectiveness studies to provide aggregated, independent data on the brand impact marketers can expect from their digital campaigns and provide inspiration on optimising their digital investments.

Beyond the Cookie: Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement – this paper helps the industry understand what impact the deprecation of cookies will have on different ad and marketing effectiveness research and measurement techniques. The paper provides information for marketers, agencies and media owners on what they can do over the short, medium and long term to adjust their measurement toolkits for the future. 

A Guide to Designing Digital Ad Impact Studies – Controlled experiments represent the most effective way to validate existing marketing activities and fill gaps in knowledge. This paper has been written by the IAB Ad Effectiveness Council to provide guidance on using experiments to measure digital advertising that will add confidence and precision to marketing investment decisions.

The Evolution of Brand Measurement – this IAB Member Q&A provides perspectives from across the industry on the evolution and innovations occurring in brand measurement. Experienced marketers understand the importance of strong brands in driving sales and long-term business success and the role digital channels play in delivering enduring and cost-efficient brand impact. As brand and marketing strategies adjust to changing customer and market dynamics, so must the ways to measure the success of brand building.

Effective Digital Creative Part 1 and Part 2 – IAB Member Q&A provide perspectives from across the industry on the role of creative in digital advertising effectiveness and why it’s important to invest in creative, apply best practice, test it and create a brands own benchmarks to continually strive for optimal creative design and messaging.

MeasureUP 2020 Wrap Up – provides a summary of content from the IAB’s 4th annual MeasureUP conference that featured presentations on sustainable measurement frameworks that provide robust cross-media evaluation, building and gaining value from privacy compliant, first-party data and investing in resilient brands for long term success. Presentation session recordings are also available.

Advertising through economic downturn – To ensure longer term business viability coming out of economic downturn, it’s important that marketers continue to invest in media and maintain share of voice.

Measurement to help grow your brand and marketing investment – this Analytic Partners presentation from the IAB MeasureUp conference provides evidence that the highest ROI comes from having a combined media channel approach, rather than a single media approach and evidence of the high ROIs that can be attained from digital media when combined with TV and other media channels.

Audio as part of your media mix – this Analytic Partners presentation from the IAB’s 2021 Audio Summit provides aggregated, independent results from their Genome ROI  database to provide insight on audio advertising ROI and information on optimising audio as part of your media mix.