Your One Stop Shop on Apple’s iOS Privacy Changes

On May 20, 2021 one stop shop, Research & Resources

The resources below provide media and marketing professionals in Australia with education, information and advice on how to assess the impact of Apple’s IDFA and ATT changes on advertising and marketing activity.

  1. Doubling down on the SKAdNetwork API: We must start back in June 2020 on an article summarising Apple’s updates and considerations for App Development and Monetisation. This article breaks down the 4 key announcements: cross-app tracking, approximate location, app-store nutrition label for apps and doubling down on the SKAdNetwork API. Each topic is covered off in a summary, impact and consideration framework making it easy to digest.
  2. Preparing for the impact of Apple’s ATT: We can then move onto our Member Q&A piece on how to prepare for the impact of Apple’s ATT – the written piece from early March 2021 talks to the release of the AppTrackingTransparency framework and what recommendations our expert members can provide for the industry to best prepare for these changes.
  3. Apple’s ATT Policy in IOS 14.5 and SKAdNetwork explainer Webinar: In conjunction with IAB Tech Lab and a range of industry experts, IAB Australia provides an introduction to the SKAdNetwork (SKAD) API including an update on the impacts of and recommendations for the mandatory ATT policy. This webinar hosted in March 2021 is worth checking out for app developers/publishers and programmatic buyers.
  4. Tool for managing and maintaining the SKAdNetwork ID List: IAB Tech Lab recently released a tool for advertisers, DSP’s and networks to register their SKAdNetwork ID for IAB Tech Lab to publish the list of all registered ID’s that app developers and publishers can download and access.
  5. Member Exclusive: Ad Tech Matters with JJ: ATT Review: In this piece, Jonas Jaanimagi, IAB Australia Tech Lead, covers off a quick review and reminder on the ATT feature and the recommendations associated with working closely with Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework to ensure advertisers have a way to measure and attribute installs.
  6. Apple’s ATT Policy – Early Industry Insights & Recommendations: In this Q&A, published on 20th May 2021, we engaged a representative group of our members on the initial impacts, some useful data points and recommendations so as to help support both marketers and app developers/publishers through the related changes.