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On April 08, 2021 one stop shop, Research & Resources

The resources below provide media and marketing professionals in Australia with education, information and advice on how to assess the impact of the depreciation of third party cookies, changes to Apple’s IDFA and ATT, privacy regulation in relation to privacy on advertising and marketing activity. 

  1. Beyond the Cookie: Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement – this paper helps the industry understand what impact the deprecation of cookies will have on different ad and marketing effectiveness research and measurement techniques. The paper provides information for marketers, agencies and media owners on what they can do over the short, medium and long term to adjust their measurement toolkits for the future. 
  2.  Update and Review of Identity for Digital Advertising – This April 2021 webinar reviewed the state-of-play for Identity and the categories of solutions to come – and also discussesIAB Tech Lab’s recently released specifications and best practices to support re-architecting digital media for addressability, accountability and privacy. Watch the recording and download the deck now.
  3. State of Play of 3rd Party Cookies, Identity & Project Rearc – Webinar recording from 10th December 2020 . This session included an overview of the different types of proposals being reviewed, how identity is evolving as we go into 2021 across both web-based and in-app environments on various devices, and how the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) have been feeding into these discussions.
  4. Google’s Future Plans for Targeting & Measurement – Google has indicated that it will use a combination of consented first-party data, contextual data and anonymous audience cohorts, via Privacy Sandbox, for targeting and measurement of digital ads, and is working with industry to develop these use cases. This article provides an overview of what Google’s plans means for the industry. 
  5. Cookies, Identity, Project Rearc & Impact of iOS 14 – Webinar recording from 3rd September 2020. This webinar covered some of the current need-to-know latest updates and best practices on critical topics in digital marketing in relation to identity management and identifiers such as third-party cookies and device IDFAs.
  6. Data Handbook – Within this detailed data handbook we outline different types of identifiers, data governance, attribution as well as data usage for marketing. 
  7. Identity Proposals – Within this IAB Australia Ad Tech Matters member exclusive briefing  we review the three types of proposals that we’re currently seeing being submitted into Project Rearc.