Driving Real Results with Video: Cross-Media Solutions and Brand Objectives

Posted by IAB Australia On June 03, 2019

At the Video Ad-Vantage Event at Twitter in Sydney in May 2019, we assembled a panel of leading marketers to discuss the effectiveness of cross-media solutions and the successful role of digital video in driving brand objectives. We first look at their creative campaigns and have a quick discussion around each piece of creative, then we deep-dive (at minute 9) some of the hot topics in video creative, including adapting creative from other markets and formats, technical and industry jargon, audiences and measurement.

Featured on the panel are (left to right):

Sue Zerk- Marketing Director, 20th Century Fox
Toby Dewar – Head of Media & Agency Management – Westpac
Rachelle McDermott – Senior Digital Manager – Blackmores
Amy Darling – Marketing Manager – J&J (Carefree)
Gai Le Roy – CEO, IAB Australia (Moderator)

IAB Australia

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