IAB Mobile Landscape 2014 Results Presentation – Sydney

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014
15:30 - 17:30
TressCox Lawyers - Level 16, MLC Centre 19 Martin Place, Sydney

120 mobile marketing professionals joined us on 9 April as we revealed the findings from IAB Australia’s 2nd annual industry study on the state of the mobile advertising market in Australia.

The attendees found out how mobile spend is shifting, what marketing metrics are being tracked and what marketers are finding effective in this space. The exclusive industry survey was run by the IAB Mobile Advertising Council and leading research firm TNS and details the opinions and projections of people within the publishing, agency & client communities. We also looked at Australian mobile revenue data for 2013 from PW to give a full view on what happened last year. 

The results were presented by Alistair Leathwood, Executive Director and Nick Tucker, Senior Consultant at TNS Australia. The event also included a session by Rupert Pay, Head of Client Services at InMobi on the latest mobile trends and a presentation by Graham Christie, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer & Partner at Big Mobile on The 5 principles of effective mobile advertising.