Native Advertising Definition, Specifications & Best Practices

Posted by Jonas Jaanimagi On September 13, 2021 Technical Standards and Specs

The IAB Australia Standards & Guidelines Council have recently worked to consolidate all of the latest digital advertising standards and specifications – and ensure that they are easy to find and all in one place.

These are the specifications for Native Advertising, which we define as complementing the natural design, location and behavior of the environment in which it exists, through content which provides a non-disruptive and relevant consumer experience to the context within which the ad resides.

In terms of the specific product definitions we have aligned on a reduction down to only three product types:

● In-Feed / In-Content Native
● Content Recommendation
● Branded / Native Content

For more information on Native Ads, including best practices and case studies simply review our most recent Native Handbook by clicking here

For a fuller set of technical specifications from IAB Tech Lab use the link below