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On October 20, 2021 one stop shop, Research & Resources

The resources below provide media and marketing professionals in Australia with education, information and advice on the connected tv market in Australia.

Connected TV Handbook:  The IAB Australia Video Council have created this Connected TV Guide to help the industry demystify Connected TV by giving publishers, agencies, marketers and brands the tools they need to further understand this product.

Connected TV Annex:  Following the 2020 publication of the Connected TV Guide by the Video Council, we have now updated the content with a technical annex paper to provide a more detailed explanation on the technical capabilities of CTV as well as diving deeper into what those opportunities mean for agencies and advertisers.

Tech and Product Trends in CTV Webinar:  In this webinar we reviewed some of the updates from our Video Council’s recently published CTV technical annex paper and heard directly from IAB Tech Lab on some of the most recent and forthcoming standards and best practices.

Consumer and Digital Device Report: July 2021:  This IAB Australia member only report provides the latest stats from July 2021 on Australian’s ownership and use of digital devices including PCs, phones, tablets, connected TVs and smart speakers. Across CTV, this report includes:

  • CTV audience growth & frequency of consumption
  • CTV device data & co-viewing information 

Video Advertising Standards and Specifications:  These are the specifications for Video Advertising and take into consideration in-stream ads delivered within web environments, in-app, CTV and OTT.

IAB Tech Lab: Programmatic Guide: Connected TV with Highlights for SSAI:  This guide is part of a series of Programmatic Guides that IAB Tech Lab is providing to address the many technical components involved in executing programmatic ad campaigns. This guide focuses on the use cases involved in a programmatic campaign for connected TV (CTV). And since CTV often works with partners in server-side ad insertion (SSAI), special callouts highlight additional information where working with SSAI is concerned.