Foxtel Call Tracking | 2013 IAB Awards Winner

Posted by IAB Australia On July 12, 2013 Research & Resources

2013 IAB Awards | Paid Search Marketing Winner

Foxtel Call Tracking
Agency: Agency M
Client: Foxtel

The Problem
With no natural competitors, Foxtel’s marketing strategy is driven by the need to grow its customer base by changing people’s perceptions of Pay-TV. In order to drive performance via its phone sales efforts, the agency was challenged to find a technology to track phones sales back to a given metric, understand how paid search campaigns affect and can optimise phone sales and to increase the ROI from paid search investment by 7.5%.

The Solution
Agency M worked with Foxtel to hone the requirements for a call tracking technology. With paid search able to track phone sales by keyword, creative, search engine, time of day and day of week Foxtel needed to map that same data down to a suburb level to be able to provide targeted information in its direct mail, local newspaper, Regional TV and OOH campaigns. The second part of the strategy was to integrate this technology with Foxtel’s paid search tracking technology. The integration between these two technology providers was a world-first, giving Foxtel the edge it needed to achieve its ROI target.

The Results
The campaign completely transformed the way Foxtel conducts its pay per click marketing. By gaining a clear view of what channels were performing, Foxtel is now able to adjust its investment to maximise return and now can manage all digital marketing activity more effectively. The panel of judging commended the “innovative approach” and their deep understanding of the value of the search channel.”



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